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Dr. Michelle Raab



Diving below the surface to help individuals, small businesses, and marketing firms better understand the people that drive market data.

I'm a member of the American Marketing Association.

Green Typewriter
My University Days

Back when I was in college, I was trying to figure out how I was going to make a living, so I learned about public relations and marketing.

Math Formulas
I tamed the algorithm

I used datamining techniques for my dissertation. Datamining is the foundation for the dreaded algorithm.

From a weekly demonstration

I used my work experience and education to raise the profile of a grassroots group above other similar groups.

Old School Content Marketing

My first foray into content marketing was back in the 90s when it wasn't really called content marketing. Take a journey to the past...

Papers & Presentations

Published Papers

Leslie A. Morland, Psy.D.,Michelle Raab, M.A., Margaret-Anne Mackintosh, Ph.D., Craig S. Rosen, Ph.D., Clara E. Dismuke, Ph.D., Carolyn J. Greene,PhD & Bartley Christopher Frueh, Ph.D.  Telemedicine: A Cost-reducing Means of Delivering Psychotherapy to Rural Combat Veterans with PTSD.  Telemedicine and eHealth.  Accepted 15-Feb-2013.


Lopez, Michelle. (2005, August).  The Future of Our Profession.  Panel discussion on Co-Occurring Disorders.  American Psychological Association Convention, Washington, DC. ​ Lopez, Michelle (2006, August).  Poster Presentation.  Hawaii’s Co-Occurring State Incentive Grant, results of qualitative portion of research project.  American Psychological Association.  Presented in Substance Abuse Division and Early Career Poster session sponsored by NIAAA and NIDA. Lopez-Raab, M., Dismuke, C., Mackintosh, M., Willis, E., Powell, A., and Morland, L. (2012, November).  Direct Cost Minimization of Telemedicine for Psychotherapy Service Delivery to Rural Combat Veterans with PTSD (Preliminary Analysis).  Poster session 1 (student finalist) at the annual meeting for the International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies, Los Angeles, CA.  Lopez-Raab, M. Mackintosh, M., Love, A., Powell, K., Willis, E., and Morland, L. (2012, November).  Item Response Theory Psychometric Analysis of the Assaultive Behavior Survey Violence Subscale for Veterans Receiving Anger Management Treatment.  Poster session at the annual meeting for the Association for Behavior and Cognitive Therapies, National Harbor, MD.

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