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How do you target your market when restrictions are getting harder? This really seems like one of those brain teaser chicken and egg scenarios that are just there to drive you nuts, but with your hopes, dreams, and business on the line. I am here to tell you though that you can still find your customers even with those restrictions. All you need is a little bit of help from a powerful and flexible tool: psychometrics and a psychometrician.

What is a psychometrician anyway? A psychometrician is a psychologist specially trained in measurement and statistics. They know the secret sauce of getting understanding people and describing people in terms of numbers. Email open rates are just people doing things in numbers. The cutting edge of marketing isn’t big data. The cutting edge of marketing isn’t even being data driven. The cutting edge is really getting your head wrapped around the idea that data is driven by people. In the end, you aren’t selling to a market. You’re not targeting a demographic. You don't have an avatar you're selling to either. Those are abstractions. You are trying to sell a product or service to a person. To do that, you need to understand that person and gain that person's attention so that your product or service can become part of their life. It's with having a precise, deep, and nuanced understanding of those you serve that will give you the power tools to successfully connect with them. And that’s the first step in all marketing. Using the powerful and flexible tool of psychometrics is the bread and butter of a psychomatrician. Psychometrics is a powerful and flexible tool that can not only uncover who your customers are, what they think, and how they feel, but it also can be used to reveal places where they may be open to change. Want to know more about what I may be able to do for you? Let's chat.

How would a psychologist help with marketing? Marketing is based on knowing how to connect with people, understand people, and inspire people to do something, like engage with a post or buy something. Psychologists are well-versed in these areas. Let me add a wrinkle to this. Did you know that marketing science came out of behavioral science? Yep. If you come across things like AB design, Antecedent, Consequence, Intervention framework for looking at how a marketing campaign works, this comes from how psychology studies behavior. As a psychologist, it is my job to be able to understand the heart and minds of people. As a psychometrician, it is my job to be able to measure it. Psychologists are also quite skilled in knowing how to inspire change in behavior. Consumer behavior is still behavior. Having a psychologist who is also well-versed in business and messaging. That’s a bonus. That’s me.


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