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Beneath the Surface

Customer data are a goldmine waiting to be explored

Nuggets of knowledge waiting to be mined

A kaleidoscope of faceted colors waiting to be discovered and unearthed


The alchemy comes from combining these three elements.

The alchemy comes from Precision Psychometrics.



Starter Kit

If you are just beginning your marketing journey or taking your marketing to the next level, this is the perfect package for you. Your overall strategy should begin here.

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Who do you serve?

Knowing your target market is the foundation for every marketing campaign.  This is where the Mind Alchemy begins.

Surveys | Focus-groups | More

Are you on the right track?

Need help figuring out if your marketing plans are doing what you want them to do?

Assess your marketing

Personalized white papers

Need full-service?

I work with full-service marketing firms that have decades of experience.  They can implement the psychometrically precise branding narrative into a dazzling and captivating marketing campaign.  

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The cutting edge of marketing is the science of people

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