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Branding Narrative Psychometric Starter Kit

The Psychometrician

Dr. Michelle Raab is an award-winning behavioral scientist with years of experience in public relations, messaging, and marketing.  She also has two clinical master’s.  


Branding Narrative Psychometric Starter Kit

People don’t buy things for rational reasons.  People buy things because of emotions or impulse.  According to emerging evidence in the field of neuroscience of consumer behavior, most of the decision process for purchases happens outside of the cerebral cortex, which is where rational thought occurs.  Yes, you may provide information which on the surface would provide rational reasons to purchase something, but those reasons are going to be connected to something emotional.  Presentation of the product comes with context like the packaging or how it is presented in promotional material.  The context though is largely going to go unnoticed by the surface-level thinking.  Rarely will someone look at packaging and say, this packing does not speak to my belief system.  But, the context of the product will be noticed.  You may have a great product that will be a perfect fit for someone, but the context could prevent someone from ever trying it.

Knowing then your target market’s belief system, such as their values, their aesthetics, their wants, their needs, their hopes, and their fears, will help you craft a story that will connect with your intended market on an emotional level.  You can still present rational reasons for purchasing your product, but the story you present must connect with them emotionally and culturally.


What do you get in the Branding Narrative Psychometric Starter Kit?  

You get a clinically trained psychologist and psychometrician taking a deep dive into who you are, what your product is on an emotional level, and who your target market is.  This includes not only getting to know you, but also delving deep into the catacombs of demographic studies and marketing science findings to uncover the nuances of what makes your target market tick.  

From there, a profile will be developed to see what would motivate your target market to buy your product.  What are the emotions that the narrative will need to trigger?  Sometimes it is solving a problem, but that isn’t always the most differentiating reason for someone to buy something.  There may be other emotions that need to be triggered: hope, happiness, self-efficacy, fear (though this is always done with caution and caveats), love for family, or an appeal to morals.  

Then a story will be developed that will serve as the driving message for future promotions, which includes what emotions to trigger and images to use.

You will also receive a detailed case study of another product like yours, as well as an analysis of similar products with brief descriptions their story and context.  In this way, you can best decide how to differentiate yourself.  

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