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Who do you serve?
Find out with surveys

The art&science of questions

Understanding your target market, your customers, those you serve is the foundation for all of your marketing efforts.  

​Did you know that there is not only an art to asking questions, but also a science?  

There are psychological biases that come into play when you are asking people questions on surveys.  People will sometimes give you the answer they think you want and not what they really think.  How do you get around that?  How do you ask questions that take the people pleaser impulse into account?

How you ask a question can effect what answer you get.​ 

The order you ask questions can also affect what answers you get.  

How you “scale” your questions (like how often you shop: sometimes, never, etc) can also effect, what sort of answers you get.  Does the negative come first or last?  That will prompt someone’s thinking about the question and can affect how they answer.  


All these things will affect what sort of information that you can gather from your surveys and how useful that information will be.  

This directly impacts your marketing efforts. 

If you don’t have a deep understanding of who you are serving, then will you be able to really reach them?

If you hire a person who is specifically trained and experienced in asking people questions that gets useful information, like a psychologist and psychometrician, then your surveys will serve their intended purpose which is to gather valuable insights on who you serve.  

  • The biases will be addressed.

  • Order effects will be accounted for.

  • The information will be more useful for your marketing campaigns.

Understanding people is what I do.  I am a psychologist and psychometrician.  I can help you craft a survey that help you gain a precise and deep insight into those you currently serve and would like to serve.

From figuring out what you really want to know so that you can turn the information into a plan where you can do something about the information you gather (you know, your action plan) to figuring out how to word and scale the items, I can help you create your customer survey that will uncover what your customers are thinking and feeling.

​Contact me for more information about this.

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